With more than 1.000.000 instals on android and IOS, Mobileisure provides a synergy of apps to keep you connected and up to date with the latest of your favourite news.

About Us

MobiLeisure is about making you happy, the only way we know: through beautiful and useful apps. In MobiLeisure, we put all our effort and energy to build applications you will always enjoy, no matter where you are from or how old you are.

We started out of scratch from a garage in out home, and now we have built a company with more than 30 employees, and they are all part of this big wheel, and all this is thanks to you, that support our work and use our apps every day.


  • I'm very happy with this App. I can now read the exact news I want witout searching and browsing, and it works flawlessly.

    John, Google Play

  • With all these apps I can choose from I will never end playing around. I need to get a job! Good work, guys!

    Adam, Google Play

  • Nice app. I love it in overall, and I like very much the way you can update the news, videos and other info very quickly.
    There's no timeout and its fast enough.

    Mike, Google Play

  • Very good to support spanish and other languages.

    Mario, Google Play

Know the team

Daniel Creative Director
Jeniffer Graphic Designer Team Manager
Gabriel Project Manager
Alicia Marketing


Get in touch with us

8901 Marmora Road,
Glasgow, D04 89GR.

Freephone: +1 543 769 2314
Telephone: +1 742 138 3455